motivated in a month

A 30-day motivation training program

Discover what motivates you and learn how to keep it going — so you can make a change that lasts.

Your path to motivation

In just 5-10 minutes a day

Now that you know your Motivational Personality type, it’s time to put it into action. 

Motivated in a Month is a big step in getting from where you are to staying motivated to get where you want to be. 



We use your Motivational Personality to create a personalized course. You’ll identify, establish, and practice strategies that are effective for you.


Complete challenges, practice new skills, and learn how to apply them—so you can bring your motivation from hope and a prayer to reality.


Using learning principles like micro-learning, Motivated in a Month makes it easy to layer your training into the times available in your day.

After 30 days, Motivated in a Month finishers are...

1 %
More Confident
1 %
More Resilient
1 %
More Disciplined


"I know the things that I’m supposed to do, but I’m a long term self-sabotager. I also dealt with postpartum depression and just couldn’t find the motivation to stay on track. For the price, I figured it was worth a shot. The results made me feel proud and I can feel the progress in my day to day! I also appreciated how QUICK the lessons were each day."
Natasha Ferguson
Weight Loss Goal
"With a newborn, work, a remodel in full swing, and no social life, I thought I couldn’t fit one more thing in. However, my New Year’s Resolution was ‘Self Care’ and by utilizing Motivated in a Month, I was able to refocus on my core values and take care of myself. [It only took] 10 minutes a day…that’s time well spent!"
Theresa Szokola
Positivity Goal
"They’ve been there since the beginning, and each of the nearly 30 pounds I've lost. I know some of you are on improvement paths yourself and some just want to start. I urge you to give Gotivation a try."
Les Fields
Weight Loss Goal
Heather Hodge
"In 4 weeks, my motivation increased 26% across 7 skills. What does that mean? I’m finally putting my workouts ahead of my chores. I’m making time for me."
Heather Hodge
Fitness Goal
" The pressures and exhaustion associated with a busy work & home life led me to feel as if I couldn’t find the time/energy for working out. I needed help changing my mindset and gaining the confidence to try a new routine.
After taking the course, I feel energized and ready to keep going on this journey using the lessons I’ve learned!"
Dino Tataris
Fitness Goal
"[The program] helped me get on a more productive schedule and better understand the things that were holding me back. If you’re rushing around raising kids, trying to squeeze in workouts between volunteering, work and parenting, this is the perfect tool for you."
Ginger Wheeler
Performance Goal


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