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We teach You how to motivate Yourself

You know you need to get healthy
When life is challenging, your resilience feels low

It’s a familiar, discouraging cycle: you decide it’s time to “get healthy”, so you start a new workout routine, diet, or even something as simple as going to bed earlier each night. You stick with it for a few days…then life gets in the way and you slide right back into your old habits.

You probably already know what to do
Cultivate the discipline to follow through

It’s all about knowing what truly motivates YOU.
We know, we know, that sounds like an obvious concept. But for a lot of people, it may as well be as frustrating and elusive as quantum physics. (Seriously, if you were really the only one, well, we wouldn’t have a business, would we?)

We break it down to build it up
And grow your confidence to grow your motivation

Since 2016, we’ve woven a program of self-discovery, education, training, and accountability to help you discover and sustain what motivates you. You will finally find the drive to truly stick with your workout. To keep eating healthier. To go to bed on time and drink more water. To take the steps, day after day, to get and stay healthy.

We'll help you find the motivation to get healthy and achieve your goals.


Dennis Timpanaro

Co-Founder & CEO

Kim Grotto

Co-Founder & CMO


Creative Consultant

Ed Hansen, Ph.D.

Consulting Psychologist
Ph.D. Social I/O Psychology

Annie Delre

Certified Health & Wellness Coach (HBC-HWC)