Our Story

How many self-help books have you purchased? Blogs read? Instagram quotes saved? Spending hours looking outward for answers can feel productive but, the truth is, progress comes once you turn in.

How We Started

Just like you, I’ve stumbled, been stuck, and felt like a failure. I’ve been fired. I’ve been cut from the US Olympic team (twice). I even wasted all of my savings on a business that made $60…in 2 years.

Also like you, something in me just wouldn’t give up.

What was it? I had to know what was driving me to keep trying after so many near-comical defeats. I knew I had it in me, even if I wasn’t sure what “it” was or how to tap into “it.”

So I quit my six-figure corporate job (PS – not recommended) and brought together a behavioral psychologist, a cadre of fitness coaches, and a serial-entrepreneur mom to figure out how motivation worked.

After months of studying, we finally grasped what psychologists already knew (I’m a slow learner): Each of us is motivated differently!

With that profound, yet simple knowledge, we built our first chat-based course called Motivated in a Month. The goal? To educate and train people to identify and strengthen their self-motivational skills.

How We’ve Grown

Motivated in a Month is different from all of the other resources out there. Instead of offering people a plethora of ideas, concepts, and workouts we find motivating, we teach you how to motivate yourself.

Slowly, people have started to catch on. And as they have, some crazy stuff started happening…

✓ Friends were working out after months of sleepless, newborn nights
✓ 40-year-olds were building positive habits for the first time in years
✓ Couples started talking about their motivational personalities
✓ Our corny jokes continued to fall flat (ok, that wasn’t a surprise)

Having an impact on real people has been a pretty awesome feeling. One that keeps us motivated to learn, grow, and share everything we have with you.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey to self-motivation. GOtivation will give you all we’ve got.

Keep being awesome,
Dennis & Kim

Our Team

Dennis Timpanaro

  1. Dennis apparently likes things in pairs.  Two jobs, two kids, two US Olympic Trials (both times being cut…womp womp).

He founded GOtivation back in 2016 with the hopes of figuring out how to keep himself and others motivated.  Thanks to some very selfless friends, colleagues, and mentors, he’s also just starting to learn how to run his first small business.

When he’s not rambling on about motivation, Dennis can be found playing Nintendo with his son Roman, cracking-up with his energetic toddler Hailey, growing exotic vegetables, and sneaking in an occasional family vacation somewhere warm.

Quick Facts

Motivational Personality: Partial Perfectionist

Motivational Superpower: Grit

Strengths: Trying new things, getting along with people, working hard, being ridiculous

Weaknesses: Paying attention to details, getting frustrated when things don’t work out, marketing, desserts

Kim Grotto

Chief Marketing Officer

Kim joined GOtivation in 2020 after connecting deeply with its mission. She thrives on purpose-driven work and the opportunity to make a difference.

Kim’s life is full of abundance: she enjoys her crew of kids, indulges in interests from reading to coding, and never turns down the opportunity to socialize. She loves experiencing new things whether it’s traveling to a new city or country or trying a new restaurant near home.

Quick Facts

Motivational Personality: Self-Controlled Spectator

Motivational Superpower: Self Control

Strengths: Laughing, socializing, strategy, taking risks, puzzles

Weaknesses: Being busy, sugar, drawing

Vidyasree Natarajan


Pursuing Master’s in Management Information Systems.



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