Hi! (That feels like an appropriate greeting given the sporadic posts we’ve made lately 🤪). It’s been a few months since Dennis Timpanaro and I officially teamed up on #GOtivation. What a few months it’s been, amiright?

Last week, we were finally able to go “home” to Innovation DuPage – the amazing entrepreneurial hub here in our hometown of Glen Ellyn. We saw faces we haven’t seen in a year, laughed, got a little emotional, and shared our true stories about how the pandemic has affected our businesses. The vulnerability was real and refreshing. And because of it, we were able to truly reconnect.

The truth is, GOtivation has seen its fair share of fits and starts this past year. We’ve also learned a lot about each other: my brain works like a detective trying to solve a case, with strings and photos scattered about in a manner that makes sense to me, and maybe me alone. Dennis is a process guy, with the most amount of discipline, grit, and determination I have ever seen. He makes it happen. Together, we’re finding our rhythm and stride.

Anyway, back to Innovation DuPage: we all sat in a (socially distanced) circle and shared our company updates. I said, as a seasoned entrepreneur, this time has reminded me of keeping the faith and confidence that the timing is always right when it’s right. You can’t force it. But Dennis – Dennis, who is so thoughtful and measured and patient, and an avid talented gardener – said something that resonated with EVERYONE: that for the last year, @gotivation has been planting its roots. Sometimes it’s frustrating when you don’t see the bloom yet, but you gotta remember that the hard work that goes into planting and nurturing is maybe the most important part.

So, friends, that’s what we’ve been up to. Planting our roots. And damnit, now that it’s spring in Chicago and the sun is out and people are starting to peek their heads up, things are starting to sprout! We’ve been working consistently to reshape our programs, update our website, and find our voice. While always leaning on our own motivational personalities to keep us moving toward our goals.

What’s your update? Be honest—we want to know the real you.

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