“I want to lose weight, but I just don’t have the motivation.”

Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. Two-thirds of gym members have no motivation and only show up for the first four weeks of January.

Could you imagine subscribing to Netflix and not watching a single show after February 1st?


Why are we so motivated to watch the next episode of GLOW and dread making a healthy dinner? Is it part of who we are?

Well, yeah.

It’s called your Motivational Personality™. And it’s something you can discover from the comfort of your couch.

Every Personality has the ability to get motivated. We all can learn the skills needed to stay fit and be confident when we look in the mirror, strut down the beach, or just throw on a pair of jeans. All it takes is an understanding of your Motivational Personality, a little behavioral science, and some practice.

Let’s explore how.

Your Kindergarten Teacher Lied To You


When I was growing up, my kindergarten teacher shared the “Golden Rule” with me. I’m sure you’ve heard it somewhere: “Treat others as you want to be treated”. That brilliant concept blew my tiny 6-year-old mind. And for the next 25 years, I thought it was the end-all rule for personal relationships.


I was an impressionable little guy. How else could I have been convinced to wear that crushed velvet sweater?

But then I turned 31.

I was attending a leadership training seminar and out of left field, the instructor exclaimed:

“The Golden Rule is COMPLETELY wrong.”

‘Blasphemy!’ my kindergarten brain responded. She must have been raised by a pack of wild wolverines; everyone knows the Golden Rule is right. And just as I was about to tune her out, she followed-up with some wisdom that changed my entire life.

“Why is the Golden Rule wrong?” she posed. “Because you should treat others as THEY want to be treated. Not as YOU want to be treated.”

That one little word changes your entire perspective, doesn’t it? It sure did for me.

We’re all different. We all have diverse backgrounds, learning styles, feelings, fears, and hopes. We all want to be treated in our own unique way.

Maybe you’ve been doing it wrong?

You may be sabotaging your chances of finding your 6-pack if you’re applying the logic of the Golden Rule to losing weight,

Let’s say you signed up for the latest fitness fad (cycling, boot camps, 21-day-whatever) thinking you’d get the best results. I mean, all those sexy before-and-after photos must mean it’s how everyone needs to get fit.



The workouts may be too intense.

The schedule may not be flexible enough.

There may be no variety.

It’s a program that’s designed for someone else. In other words, the trainers screwed up the Golden Rule, and they’re not treating you how you want to be treated.

So you quit.

Enter Motivational Personality


This is exactly why we created the Motivational Personality. It’s a personality assessment, but instead of learning which Kardashian you’re most like, it helps you understand your motivational strengths and struggles.

It corrects the Golden Rule by explaining how you want to be treated.

Do you like consistency?

Are you motivated by rewards and recognition?

Do you need occasional breaks to recharge?

Do you rely on self-control?

Remember, we’re all unique. Some people never miss a workout because they’re terrified of looking bad in their spring break bikini. Others start and stop constantly because the world seems to be against them. Still, others have the seemingly superhuman strength of turning down red-velvet, cream cheese cupcakes because they like to flex their self-control.

There are 4 main personalities with a few variations: Disciplined Doer, Laid-Back Learner, Partial Perfectionist, and Self-Controlled Spectator.


Which Motivational Personality™ are you? (I’m a Partial Perfectionist +2)

Motivational Personalities are rooted in behavioral science and psychology — they have real application. However, science without personality is like a boring college physics lecture. We prefer Bill Nye’s approach.

That’s why each Motivational Personality sports a social-media-worthy avatar (both male and female), an entertaining description, and helpful pointers. They even outline your ‘superpower’. An innate trait that can help you get through almost any weight loss challenge (or speedbump).


Science and entertainment. A Partial Perfectionist sending ridiculous GIFs

Accomplish Your 90%


Let’s wrap up by putting things into perspective. You may have heard some version of the saying:

“Fitness is 90% motivation and 10% training”

Yet, all we seem to do is focus on the latest workout, quick-fix diet, or fitness tracker (does anyone else have a drawer full of Fitbits?) – the 10%.

What if we started focusing 90% of the challenge? MOTIVATION.

If you discovered your Motivational Personality could you find the nutrition, workout, or lifestyle that fits? Could you lose weight and gain the motivation to keep it off for good?

It’s certainly worth a shot.

Because feeling happy in our own skin may just be the best form of motivation there is.

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