Our Story

Life is either a daring Adventure or Nothing at all!

Just like you, I’ve stumbled, been stuck, and felt like a failure. I’ve been fired. I’ve been cut from the US Olympic team (twice). I even wasted all of my savings on a business that made $60…in 2 years.
But also like you, something in me just wouldn’t give up.
What was it? I had to know what was driving me to keep trying after so many near-comical defeats.
So I quit my six-figure corporate job (PS – not recommended) and brought together a behavioral psychologist, a cadre of fitness coaches, and a serial-entrepreneur mom to figure out how motivation worked.
After months of studying, we finally grasped what psychologists already knew (I’m a slow learner):
Each of us is motivated differently!
With that profound, yet simple knowledge, we built our first chat-based course called Motivated in a Month. The lofty goal? Empower people to strengthen their own motivational skills and reach their goals.
It was different. Different enough that we were struggling to even explain what the hell it was to people. So we stopped explaining and started sharing. First with our friends.
Thirty days later, some crazy stuff started happening…
Friends were working out after months of sleepless, newborn nights
People were building positive habits for the first time in years
Couples started talking about their motivational personalities
Our corny jokes continued to fall flat (ok, that wasn’t a surprise)
It was a pretty awesome feeling.
And that, my friend, is the same feeling that keeps us motivated to learn, grow, and share everything we have with you to this very day.

Our Team

Dennis Timpanaro


This man of multi-tasking can be found as,
1. A recruiter for an organization sometimes.
2. A motivational speaker full-time.
3. The coolest dad of two kids for a lifetime.

Fitness has been a part of his daily routine since childhood which led him to participate in the US Olympics twice.

You can talk to him about playing Nintendo, traveling, fitness, and obviously motivation!

Kim Grotto

Chief Marketing Executive

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Vidyasree Natarajan


Pursuing Master’s in Management Information Systems.



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