Raise your hand if you only have 10 minutes for a workout.

Yeah, most days feel like that, don’t they?

And while stretching or a quick workout video might fit into those 600 seconds, Cafemom suggests trying something a little different.  They recommend training your motivation first.


Because they know motivation is one of the most important factors for moms when it comes to getting fit and feeling great.  With it, we can stick to our workouts, get started on a new meal plan, or (hopefully) get out of bed after a sleepless night of crying kids.

Without it…well that’s why 67% of gym members never show up.

(that’s $60 wasted each month)

How do you train your motivation?

You have a few options when it comes to training your motivation:

    1. Hire a psychologist – They can share some incredible knowledge around behavioral science, but may not know much about fitness.  Oh, and it’ll set you back up to $200/hr.
    2. Read self-improvement books – There are some powerful books about motivation and the inner workings of our brains.  Prices are much more reasonable, ranging from $19-$99.  The downside?  Finding the time to read each one and then trying to implement the lessons in your life.
    3. Take a course – A great way to get the best of both worlds.  Online courses combine the knowledge of a psychologist, the personalization of a coach, and the bite-sized learnings of online training.  We’re biased (duh), but Cafemom suggests a training course like GOtivation, Motivated in a Month.

Who said you couldn’t learn something new in 10 minutes?

Every minute counts

Whether it’s sneaking in some me-time while the baby naps, or trying to make the most of waiting in the school pick-up line, every minute of the day counts.  Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for an elusive uninterrupted hour to start getting fit and healthy.  You just need a few minutes, a phone, and the desire to improve.

(though a chore-free day wouldn’t hurt either!)

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